the Invisible Met Mast™

Scan strategy (A): measurements outside the wind park boundary ➤ delivers 2D vectors ➤ turbulence (wakes) and wind ➤ real-timeScan strategy (B): inside the wind park boundary, between turbines ➤ 3D or 2D data ➤ turbulence (wakes) and wind ➤ real-time

RADAR turbulence and wind profiler for offshore and onshore wind park operations

Our specially designed radar units are easily retrofitted to wind towers near the base (both offshore and onshore).

Several units working together make an Invisible Met Mast™, where we automatically analyse the forward-scattered radar signal to directly-measure 3D turbulence and wind, in almost-real-time.

Imagine what several invisible met masts could provide when placed at key locations throughout your operating wind farm:

  • Always-on reference points
  • Dynamic calibration of scanning wind sensors
  • Faster AI-driven park management systems
  • A reliable baseline for real-time calculation of wind asset efficiency and value, independent of power curve estimates
  • Bankable wind data from inside the wind park - essential for cheaper tail-end financing

Accessing these data and using them for decision support will reduce the cost of electrcity (COE):

  • Net reduction of turbulence-induced wear on the wind farm » Reduced OPEX and Increased Asset Life
  • Increased operability of the wind farm » fewer/lower Imbalancing charges
  • Increased electrical production » Increased revenue

In addition to a data reliability advantage arising from our forward-scatter signal analysis technique there is a practical, business advantage:

  • Radar has been successfgully deployed in harsh environments for almost 100 years » Fairly common components » Very cost-effective technology

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