University of Bergen study result: Invisible Met Mast™ technology verified

Our technology «is capable of producing wind data from clear-air phenomena within a wind farm.», the UiB study concluded, in September 2014, from a blind trial.

«For the two days …

100% data availability at the Midtfjellet test


We achieved 100% data availability in March 2014, as a result of an in-the-field upgrade to the  Invisible Met Mast™’s radar waveform at the Midfjellet test site.

The field trial, …

Midtfjellet field trial producing promising data

One of the Invisible Met Mast™ radar nodes, set-up for its field trial at Midfjellet Vindpark, Fitjar, Norway, in February 2014. Picture by Windmaster Technologies A.S.

Late January 2014 the installation of the intra park Invisible Met Mast™ started at Midtfjellet. 

The radar-based turbulence and wind remote-sensor is connected to the park’s internal …

Midtfjellet wind farm to host intra park complilance tests

Midtfjellet wind farm at the island of Stord in western Norway is hosting the Invisible Met Mast intra park compliance tests scheduled in Q1 and Q2-14. 

Midtfjellet wind farm consists …

Our prototypes, Powered by Marlink

We are glad to announce that Marlink provides us with robust and fully offshore-capable antenna platforms for the Q1 and Q2-14 intra wind farm tests of the 3rd generation Invisible …

Qualified on Achilles JQS


We’ve been given the Achilles ID, 29829. Our qualification means we can collaborate with offshore contractors and operators in a pilot, and beyond.

Kongsberg Maritime and Statoil to support development and testing of Intra Park IMM

Kongsberg logo

Windmaster Technologies is happy to announce that Kongsberg Maritime and Statoil have agreed to support the development and testing of an intra wind farm version of the Invisible …

We won !!!!!

(photo: Stavanger Aftenblad, in the picture, L-R: Phil Durnford, Jone Sæbbø of Windmaster Technologies and DNB Regional Director, Lorents Nord-Varhaug)

The DNB Innovasjonspris is …

Christian Nath presented “Perspectives on Wind Energy and Technology” with us on 7th August 2012

We were thrilled to get an offer by our MD’s mentor, Christian Nath, a stalwart of the European wind energy industry and a veteran of wind business in China, to donate his time, …

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