Increase your production, reduce costs: real-time, reliable, turbulence monitoring, using RADAR

It is now possible for you, a wind farm operator who wants even smarter dynamic control of your wind farm. Why? Because you want to increase electrical productionreduce your LCOE and possibly extend the operating life of your wind farm asset. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can set up measurement system at your site.

Scan strategy (A): measurements outside the wind park boundary ➤ delivers 2D vectors ➤ turbulence (wakes) and wind ➤ real-timeScan strategy (B): inside the wind park boundary, between turbines ➤ 3D or 2D data ➤ turbulence (wakes) and wind ➤ real-time

By deploying our radar-driven Invisible Met Mast™, you get a real-time, reliable Turbulence Intensity plotting & scanning data-stream. This gives you the additional intel that you need to adjust the balance of production across your site for a net power gain.

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